Intuit Bike Fit LLC
Intuit bike fit offers Bike fitting and Cleat fitting services.
It is a very individualized consultation by appointment only. The fitting session can be performed with your current bike by placing it in a computerized training stand, called a Compu-Trainer,  and then an analysis of your current riding position is made and questions asked before positioning changes are made. You are an active participant in the fitting process as positioning needs are made under kinesthetic riding conditions with your input and with the back up of the Compu-Trainer numbers to help balance right and left sides and maximize efficiency.
Custom Frames can be configured with the use of a Sizing Cycle. this fully adjustable bike frame can be adjusted to fit you and the measurements taken and used to design a custom frame with individual bike frame builders or companies that specialize in custom frames. Some of the builders Robin has worked with are J.P. Weigle, Independent Fabrications, Richard Sachs, Strnad, Serotta, Dwight Bowen