Intuit Bike Fit LLC

Intuit Bike Fit began in 1995 as a means to help people enjoy biking even more. Robin McCahill was working as a mechanic and many people would come in to the bike shop and complain that though they loved biking something about their position on the bike hurt. Robin would reply "it doesn't have to" and thus began the journey of discovery to adjust the bike to fit the individual's needs. At first various tools were adopted and used to help people experience changes and make decisions on comfort based on how the changes actually felt. The first adapted fitting tool was a 3 TTT adjustable track stem found in the depths of a used parts bin. That was when shifters were still located on the down tube of road bikes. Remember those days?

Then a used Serotta Size Cycle was purchased so measurements from bikes could be repeated on the size cycle and changes made and felt more quickly. Intuit has always believed the fitting is a co-operative effort between the fitter and the rider with the rider always in control of the decisions. Robin can tell a lot by how the rider looks but the fine tuning is always confirmed by the individual experiencing the changes.

Then a Cunningham Fit Finder Adjustable Stem was assembled by the designer (as there was a time they were not for sale) and that made adjustments infinitely possible directly on the person's own bike set up on a trainer. As Robin is a self proclaimed tool Junkie this was only the beginning. Of course she had to have the invaluable Fit Kit Pedal (R.A.D.) sysltem that she had used at shps since the '70's. Then it was The Bicycle Fitting Systems tools and canting wedges that became part of the repertoire. And as soon as were available the Salsa Size-O-Matic stems (the second one for 31.8 bars).

Oh and let's not forget the Compu-Trainer to help establish right to left balance and smooth power out-put. And you can be assured the list will continue. Intuit also stocks a myriad of saddles for testing and handlebars of various shapes and widths. Alas in the committment to be an additional service to what most bike shops can provide in the specialty of Bike Fitting Intuit works in co-operation with shops to provide a far reaching and complimentary service. Parts are ordered form the client's favorite shop as needed to finish the process and keep a strong and sustainable relationship between the client, fitter, bike shop and when appropriate a custom bike designer. Robin works with the designer and manufacturer of custom bicycle frames until the design is perfect for the client and is then signed off and made to the specifications that will enable the client to comfortabley establish their position with their unique geometry needs.